Even before Wigtown became the National Book Town Billy and I had decided that this is where we would retire to, in spite of its depressed state. I thought it was wonderful that the town was awarded this status, but I did not quite see that things would change as much as they have. We moved into town just after the foot and mouth devastation that saw nearly fifty years of hard work wiped out, so we understood the worry for a very new enterprise.

Wigtown and its very worthy occupants were not daunted though, and what a pleasure it has been over the years to see hurdles vaulted and old and new faces pulling together to make Wigtown what it is: an honest, happy, contented and welcoming place to be, with all the old precious values.

It is little wonder that visitors are drawn back year after year to all our wonderful bookshops, and those past owners who have come and gone and all added to the wonderful mix. It would be unkind and impossible to single out special celebrities and local people involved but we all know who they are and they should be proud of what has been achieved and will still be achieved in the years to come.

Happy Birthday, Wigtown Book Town! Can it really be twenty years already? To think that some wanted to tear down the County Buildings!

Nanette Craig