John Swinney, then leader of the SNP, John Robertson, Roy Surplice and Alistair Morgan MSP.

I had the privilege of being the Book Town Project Manager for five years between 2002 and 2007 probably the most enjoyable five years employment in my 30 years in various management roles.

Eleven years on from the time I left Wigtown I still have the same happy memories. Those memories are all of the people I worked with; the pioneer booksellers who bought into and created the foundation stones for the project to develop. The people of Wigtown itself with their indomitable spirit , sense of optimism and endless energy and commitment. The Book Town Board members who over my five years serving them entrusted me with the role of Project Manager and who gave me the space and support to take their ideas forward. The writers and publishers who took a chance with us in the early years when we were at the beginning of our learning curve and who helped provide us with the confidence for future development. All have combined over these twenty years to create the Wigtown we know and you cherish today.

This was and I guess still is an amazing little town that has always fought well above its weight . The Book Town is a committed team effort in the very best sense of that term with the people of Wigtown at its heart.

I wish you well for the next twenty years.

John Robertson
April 2018